Yellow Hand Dance at ‘1067 PacificPeople’

I took part in an impromptu yellow hand dance this past weekend while helping with a bit of housekeeping for art group 1067 PacificPeople located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC. A swath of marley dance flooring needed to be scrubbed, cleaned and brought back to life for their Alternative Pleasure Pop-Up Gesture Store. The store will be popped up on Sundays 2pm to 8pm, from August 3 to September 14, 2015.


1067 PacificPeople is a 5-year-long, body-based, interdisciplinary art work by artist, choreographer and performer Andrea Haenggi.


Video ©Andrea Haenggi

Idea: Nix the Gossip Mags

Here’s an idea to help people feel a little better about their fellow humankind and themselves. What if the gossip tabloids at checkout counters were replaced with creative and inspiring publications? Instead of promoting tittle-tattle and schadenfreude, stores could help their customers feel good about themselves and others. Better to have happy customers than nervous, insecure ones, yes? Confident and inspired customers are more likely to return for more business.

Why Do You Brew the Way You Do, Café?

This post is more of a complaint which, now that I think of it, is not that important so you may as well stop reading. But, this is a blog and I haven’t complained that much before this one. If I went into great detail (which I am not going to do) it might be remotely interesting and mildly amusing. Instead, this post will be not so hot, just like the coffee that I describe below. Here goes. Continue reading Why Do You Brew the Way You Do, Café?

Local Café Running Out of Steam?

A local coffee shop that I frequent is giving off a vibe that it is about to go out of business. One telltale sign is that the door to the establishment has been broken for weeks now. The hydraulic hinge at the top of the door is disconnected from the door frame. Taped to the glass door is a hand written sign explaining to all who enter to please make sure to shut the door after passing through. Few people pay attention to this sign. Maybe they’d pay better attention to their surroundings if they had some coffee. Continue reading Local Café Running Out of Steam?

Daily Post: Mr. Sandman on a Train

Daily Prompt: Mr. Sandman by Krista on March 23, 2014
What kind of sleeper are you? Do you drop off like a stone and awaken refreshed, or do you need pitch black and silence to drift off to dream?

A train ride can be the perfect place to nap, assuming I have a seat. It is the rhythms of the ride that make me nod off. There is the physical sensation of the slow and steady rocking of the train car. Continue reading Daily Post: Mr. Sandman on a Train