Blogging to the Wind

No one really wants to read about the process of blogging. Boring. What’s it for? Whom does it help?

Is that what I’m trying to do? Am I trying to help someone, or some people?

I could just treat each post on this blog as a writing exercise and spar with daily prompts. But that wouldn’t feel honest. I feel that I would be wasting my time. I have nothing against the daily prompts. Better to have a prompt than nothing at all during a yearlong exercise of posting something each day.

So I blog for myself first and then, if someone answers, I respond accordingly.

But then what? What’s my goal? Advertising? 2000 supporters who follow my blog, buy my future book and help strengthen my brand presence?

This yearlong challenge will be my journey of discovering my voice. As with anything, the more that I blog, the more that I will learn about the process and the blogging communities.

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