Face-to-Face vs. Interface

I started a new category called Blog Ore. Blog ore is a naturally occurring clump of thoughts from which intelligent and coherent ideas can be successfully extracted. Instead of the term rough drafts, posts like this one will be filed under Blog Ore. Then I can visit them later to smelt them down.

Now, on with the latest blog ore…

Yesterday I started to kvell about blogging and how it is the richest form of social networking (compared to the  mainstream social networks). In my year-long blogging adventure, complete with further integration and use of social networks, I am beginning to notice the early indications of a pattern of how digital interfacing with people is affecting me. Questions come to mind.

Why do people blog?
Why do people use social networks?
How often do people blog and use social networks?
Which social skills strengthen and which atrophy with consistent use of blogs and social networks?
Do people see less of each other because of blogs and social networks?

Direct interaction is the most powerful means of communication among people. I am wondering how more and more interfacing affects the face-to-face interactions.

I know that what I’m writing about here is not new in the scope of human sociology and anthropology. (Remember this is blog ore.) But it is new to me with respect to my increasing acts of blogging.


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