B is for Big, Business & Bloomberg

Lately I have been tuning into Bloomberg News. This is not a station that I frequent very much, but I am finding it interesting. I have been watching it via Apple TV. There is live material as well as reports from the previous hours and days chopped up and served for easy consumption.

There are a few things that I have noticed so far. The first is that the news is not that extensive. I should explain that what I have seen so far on Bloomberg News has not been the standard news reporting like the kind  with a news anchor at a desk and reporters live on location. Instead, it has been like some odd amalgam of the TV show The View (but without a live studio audience) and The Charlie Rose TV show. Maybe they are going for a causal seriousness?

Second, most of the reporters (moderators, actually) speak VERY LOUDLY. I haven’t figured out why they do this. Maybe it’s due to a/v trouble? Hearing problems? They think yelling will make them sound more legitimate? It is curious.

While the content isn’t that deep, I has provided me with a few sketch comedy ideas. Maybe Bloomberg News is meant to be background noise. It certainly could be a go-to source for the latest buzz words. I’ll need to do more research.

Overall, what connects all of the news topics is that they all have to do with very large companies dealing with big decisions that involve big money. I have yet to hear anything about small businesses and I do not suspect that I will.

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