Wrapped Leftovers

Ideally, it would be helpful to have a sufficient amount of time to write these posts. Almost all of what I write is just first drafts. There may be a kernel or two that could grow into something worthwhile. But, again, that takes time. This 365 challenge is an exercise to see how this all works. I have no interest to sit and blather into my blog. I can do that just fine in person, thank you very much. I took a course called The Art of Blather (no I didn’t) which is taught at The New School (no it isn’t). I received high marks (see the first parenthetical).

I’m frustrated with this post. I’ll wrap it up and come back to it later, maybe. For now I may just shove it to the back of the blog fridge nd allow it to turn into a blog science “experiment.” Normally, this post would have stayed in draft status, but I have to post something and I don’t want to post photos every day. That would be too easy. It would look good. But I wouldn’t be challenging myself. I have to keep writing. So, look away. Nothing to see here. Move on to a another blog. Here, take a gander at this one.

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