Daily Blogging Process Checkin

Blogging every day can be exhausting, especially when it isn’t top priority. If I were doing a photo blog it would be easy. Snap a pic, edit, post it, done. But that’s not what I wanted to pursue with this blog. It’s absolutely a mishmash of topics, lengths and media. This is an experiment, so the more variety I have with format, the more that I will understand about the process of blogging.

My habit of blogging daily has taken root. I haven’t missed a day yet. My day isn’t complete without posting something. I don’t mind sharing videos or writing about authors who are important to me; but, I would like to write more. Writing is my biggest challenge. I need to give it more time. I should start writing in the morning. I suppose that at any given time, I should have at least a few different rough drafts that I’m working on. Or, at least have different posts with preliminary outlines.

I make observations everyday when I’m working, listening to the news, or when I’m commuting around NYC (via sidewalk or subway). Workflow, then, is the key. Observe, file it away, and then recall it during a writing session. Routine is essential, then.

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