Catching Ideas in the Moment

I’ve been making most of my posts at the end of the day. This schedule is not conducive to writing well or posting with the vim and vigor of the day that I have at the top and middle of the day. I need to change this writing habit of when I write.

It is not that I am at a loss for things to write about. Throughout the day, I make a number of observations that are worthy of a rough draft or at least a simple outline. However, most of the times when I have a thought or encounter something that is noteworthy, it is not convenient to jot them down. I need to start working around that obstacle.

I will start jotting them down. Funnily enough, it would be easier for me to write ideas down in a small book than to type them into my mobile (handheld computer). If I start doing that, then I will soon have at the ready a number of blog post drafts waiting to be further developed. It’s far easier to work on something that exists than to create it out of the blue.

So, that is what I shall do. I’ll be more proactive in writing down my ideas and observations as I encounter them.

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