Why Do You Brew the Way You Do, Café?

This post is more of a complaint which, now that I think of it, is not that important so you may as well stop reading. But, this is a blog and I haven’t complained that much before this one. If I went into great detail (which I am not going to do) it might be remotely interesting and mildly amusing. Instead, this post will be not so hot, just like the coffee that I describe below. Here goes.
I’m exploring other cafés in the neighborhood. One of them utilizes three different ways to brew coffee: machine filter; barista machine; and filtered drip directly into the mug.
The way this cafe executes the third method is deficient. Simply put, they do it in such a way that the coffee ends up colder than it should be. That’s it. That’s my complaint. I suppose that I could complain at the café, but they would probably tell me to order something else. And since I don’t have a million plus followers on Twitter, I wouldn’t even come close to “encouraging” the café to correct its ways. But if there is not other worthy cause to pursue in life, I may take this up with the café and fight until the their third brewing method is sufficiently hot.

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