Hanging Those Framed Photos, Finally

This morning I finally hung up three framed photographs of mine at home. It is the first time in many years since I have displayed any of my photographic work. It if feels satisfying to look at them.

Sure, I have posted some of my photos here or there around the home in the past. But what I did this morning was a significant act of displaying work that I made for myself. Usually, I just make a photo, process it on the computer and file it away. This morning was different. And no, posting to a blog is not the same as hanging a framed photo on a wall. Walls can’t be powered down or put to sleep.

All this may sound trivial, but for me, this is important. It is about self-expression. In this case, I’ll call it private self-expression. And if it has taken me this long to put my own photographs up at home, then I’ll bet that there are other people who have been reticent about displaying their own work in their home.

I like these photographs that I displayed on the walls here. I like the images in and of themselves. And, I like remembering the times when I photographed those moments. I should put up some more.

It is a curious thing to make something, such as a photograph, and not print it out and display it. Of course, in this stage of the digital era, that happens more often than not. And some people have no problem sharing their work with themselves or other people. More than that, there are some people who yearn to show off their work. But no one likes a show off.

It is an interesting start. Self-expression can be a powerful act, particularly in the privacy of one’s own home. Maybe this blog has helped a bit. The people closest to me have helped, too. What will I put on the wall next?

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