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Blogging Status Check

This blog is becoming more and more challenging. There is only so much show-and-tell that I can (let alone want) to produce here. It takes time to write a post that is thoughtful and worth reading. And writing posts that are mere drafts just seems untidy. For the times when I don’t have a sufficient amount of time or a good enough topic, I could write a short and sweet piece within a set structure.

The Daily Post via is grand. I enjoy the global community that it helps foster. But many of the daily prompts get personal, which is the point, of course. It’s just that I don’t want to share so many personal bits of myself in this format. Some bloggers let it all hang out — a lot. For some bloggers, that can be empowering and even healing depending upon the topic and need to write. Such blogs have passion and a purpose. But this blog isn’t about such catharsis.

So then. I shall figure out a structure for short and sweet posts starting tomorrow. What will work? What won’t?

Smoking Walkers

Lately I have been wanting to confront rude people whom I encounter while walking not the sidewalk or riding the subway. I struggle to understand why so many people are rude, self-absorbed and offensive to the people around them.

Let’s look at public smokers. I’m not so concerned with smokers who stand or sit i one spot when they smoke. But the mobile smokers, they are the worst. There are some smokers who will walk blocks with a lit cigarette in hand,  puffing occasionally, leaving a toxic wake behind them. If I’m downwind of them, sometimes I can smell them a block away.

Either they are oblivious or they are aware that their secondhand smoke is being breathed by the people around them. If they are oblivious, maybe they just need to be alerted to what their actions are doing. If they are aware, then they make a conscious choose to harm others.

I am flummoxed in the wake of their disregard. It baffles me that they  harm other people with impunity. They may argue that it’s just a bit of smoke in public. Here in NYC, it is common knowledge that first and secondhand smoke causes cancer. Public service announcements have been common ever since smoking was banned from bars and restaurants during the Bloomberg administration.

Maybe the sidewalk smokers are just so addicted to smoking that whatever empathy they have for their fellow humans  is temporarily paralyzed. I wonder what I could do to bring them out of their haze. But trying to teach empathy to some people is near impossible but it could be fun trying. More on possible methods another time. I just wanted to complain about it first.

Daily Blogging Process Checkin

Blogging every day can be exhausting, especially when it isn’t top priority. If I were doing a photo blog it would be easy. Snap a pic, edit, post it, done. But that’s not what I wanted to pursue with this blog. It’s absolutely a mishmash of topics, lengths and media. This is an experiment, so the more variety I have with format, the more that I will understand about the process of blogging.

My habit of blogging daily has taken root. I haven’t missed a day yet. My day isn’t complete without posting something. I don’t mind sharing videos or writing about authors who are important to me; but, I would like to write more. Writing is my biggest challenge. I need to give it more time. I should start writing in the morning. I suppose that at any given time, I should have at least a few different rough drafts that I’m working on. Or, at least have different posts with preliminary outlines.

I make observations everyday when I’m working, listening to the news, or when I’m commuting around NYC (via sidewalk or subway). Workflow, then, is the key. Observe, file it away, and then recall it during a writing session. Routine is essential, then.

Colossal Media – Hand Painters of Giant Murals

I was walking along 7th Avenue this afternoon and saw a young woman overseeing a digital SLR mounted on a tripod. The camera was aimed up at a building that is situated across the avenue. On the side of it, a giant mural was in the process of being painted and the camera was taking time-lapse photos of the process.

The mural was being painted by Colossal Media which “is the largest hand painted mural company in the world.” I realize now that I should have made a few photographs of my own in order to document the documentation of mural-in-progress. Next time. Instead, check out the video that I’ve included in this post. It’s a brief introduction to their work.

So, the next time you are in NYC, keep looking up and see if you can spot a hand painted mural on the side of a building. It just might be painted by Colossal.

What are the Primary Colors?

What are the primary colors? It depends. The primary colors for paint are different from the primary colors of light. Now we have two questions:

  1. What are the primary colors for paints? (These are called the subtractive primary colors.)
  2.  What are the primary colors for light? (These are called the additive primary colors.)

If you do not already know the answers, take a look around and see if you can observe . Attempt to figure it out yourself. Refrain from looking online or in an art book.

Then report back here and share what you found out. Have fun exploring.

Wrapped Leftovers

Ideally, it would be helpful to have a sufficient amount of time to write these posts. Almost all of what I write is just first drafts. There may be a kernel or two that could grow into something worthwhile. But, again, that takes time. This 365 challenge is an exercise to see how this all works. I have no interest to sit and blather into my blog. I can do that just fine in person, thank you very much. I took a course called The Art of Blather (no I didn’t) which is taught at The New School (no it isn’t). I received high marks (see the first parenthetical).

I’m frustrated with this post. I’ll wrap it up and come back to it later, maybe. For now I may just shove it to the back of the blog fridge nd allow it to turn into a blog science “experiment.” Normally, this post would have stayed in draft status, but I have to post something and I don’t want to post photos every day. That would be too easy. It would look good. But I wouldn’t be challenging myself. I have to keep writing. So, look away. Nothing to see here. Move on to a another blog. Here, take a gander at this one.

Thanks, January

Since I have blogged every day for one month now (Whuhh? There’s no WordPress 1-Month Badge?), I have gotten to the point where I cannot end my day without having blogged. It’s the same with flossing. I suppose that puts me in the category of ‘flossing blogger’ or a ‘blogging flosser’. The day just doesn’t feel right unless I blog.

During the first month, slowly I have become acquainted with a few other blogs; and, I have been learning about the people creating those blogs. I write the word “slowly” because it takes time to read other people’s works. There are mannnny blogs on the web. For example, check out the stats of how many WordPress sites there are right now. So much time, energy and passion goes into these works that I do not want to rush through anything. That would be rude.

Everyone is sharing something. It could be that a moment catches their attention. Maybe there is a feeling to explore in words. Maybe there is a new method of doing something that needs a step-by-step explanation. And what are the tools available? Words. Images. Sounds.

Around the world, my fellow bloggers share their voices; and, eventually, people read, look and listen. It is so simple and quite beautiful.

A few of my fellow bloggers:
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B is for Big, Business & Bloomberg

Lately I have been tuning into Bloomberg News. This is not a station that I frequent very much, but I am finding it interesting. I have been watching it via Apple TV. There is live material as well as reports from the previous hours and days chopped up and served for easy consumption.

There are a few things that I have noticed so far. The first is that the news is not that extensive. I should explain that what I have seen so far on Bloomberg News has not been the standard news reporting like the kind  with a news anchor at a desk and reporters live on location. Instead, it has been like some odd amalgam of the TV show The View (but without a live studio audience) and The Charlie Rose TV show. Maybe they are going for a causal seriousness?

Second, most of the reporters (moderators, actually) speak VERY LOUDLY. I haven’t figured out why they do this. Maybe it’s due to a/v trouble? Hearing problems? They think yelling will make them sound more legitimate? It is curious.

While the content isn’t that deep, I has provided me with a few sketch comedy ideas. Maybe Bloomberg News is meant to be background noise. It certainly could be a go-to source for the latest buzz words. I’ll need to do more research.

Overall, what connects all of the news topics is that they all have to do with very large companies dealing with big decisions that involve big money. I have yet to hear anything about small businesses and I do not suspect that I will.