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Up Above

I made this photograph when I was flying to LaGuardia Airport. The plane was flying right above the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I was seated next to a starboard window and had a good view of the city below. We were flying the full length of the island, from The Battery to The Bronx. Seeing the city from that height fills me with childlike delight and wonder, as it always does when I get that opportunity. Each time I get the chance, I try to absorb all the details. The movement. The point of view. The ground illumination by streetlights, traffic lights, vehicle headlights and brake lights. City of lights. The evening light providing just enough illumination to see the buildings contained by avenues and roads and streets and lanes. It goes by so fast.

Friday Lunch at Barney Greengrass

After having a final meal at Popover Cafe before it closes this Sunday Jan.  5, 2014, I had a craving for some other comfort food at Barney Greengrass which is right next door to Popover’s. It was a mid-afternoon lunch for two and it was delicious.

[Please note: The food photos have captions and little blurbs that can be read when viewing the shots in slide show “carousel” mode. If you are reading this on a small screen, be sure to scroll down a bit to read them.]