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Thanks, January

Since I have blogged every day for one month now (Whuhh? There’s no WordPress 1-Month Badge?), I have gotten to the point where I cannot end my day without having blogged. It’s the same with flossing. I suppose that puts me in the category of ‘flossing blogger’ or a ‘blogging flosser’. The day just doesn’t feel right unless I blog.

During the first month, slowly I have become acquainted with a few other blogs; and, I have been learning about the people creating those blogs. I write the word “slowly” because it takes time to read other people’s works. There are mannnny blogs on the web. For example, check out the stats of how many WordPress sites there are right now. So much time, energy and passion goes into these works that I do not want to rush through anything. That would be rude.

Everyone is sharing something. It could be that a moment catches their attention. Maybe there is a feeling to explore in words. Maybe there is a new method of doing something that needs a step-by-step explanation. And what are the tools available? Words. Images. Sounds.

Around the world, my fellow bloggers share their voices; and, eventually, people read, look and listen. It is so simple and quite beautiful.

A few of my fellow bloggers:
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