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When I Grow Up, I Want to Watch My Weight!

Has anyone else seen the recent Weight Watchers (WW) commercials? Here‘s one of them. I looked online for some critiques of WW’s new ad campaign and found Hannah Wydeven’s blog post that pretty much sums up the responses that I’ve heard from offline friends. Wydeven’s post is titled Weight Watchers Commercial: Remember When You Liked Yourself? and can be found on her blog Femininja.co.
The commercials ask, “Remember when you thought anything was possible [when you were a kid]? WW answers its own question with, “It still is,” and then introduces its newest plan in the culture of Weight Watchers.
  • It’s interesting that WW has no commercials in this campaign for men. Does WW not want to work with men who are overweight?
  • The women in the these WW commercials all have the same body type. Did these women already achieve their WW goals? Or are they just starting their WW journey?
  • It appears that the women are intended to be the grownup versions of the girls playing at the beginning of the commercials. What are the women doing in the world today? Did they achieve their childhood dreams of employment and changes they wished to make in the world?

I wonder if Weight Watchers will ever produce a realistic commercial that promotes having a healthy body image. What would such a commercial look like? “The world may never know.”