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Post Every Day of the Year

In the last two weeks leading up to the start of 2014, I decided that I was going to begin my personal blog (finally!) and make at least one post every day of the year. Initially, I was planning to post once a week at the minimum. But when I caught sight of a WordPress.com email newsletter one day, two things caught my eye –– the number 365 and the name of the  WordPress blog  The Daily Post. And I thought, “Well, why not?”

Posting less frequently would certainly be less difficult. Actually, posting less frequently would be less work. The amount of time it takes to blog daily isn’t the issue. Besides, my blogging workflow will become more efficient with each post. My sense is that anything less than a daily post would never build up enough momentum for me to achieve a consistent, healthy blogging rhythm.

For months I had been wanting to blog. Maybe there was a photograph that I wanted to share. Maybe I wanted to write about an idea or observation. No worries. Fear always won out. Yes, I Tweet, but microblogging is a different animal compared to blogging. (Shall we call it macro-blogging? ) But now the situation has changed. Last year, I used to be afraid of blogging whereas this year I am afraid of not posting every day.

Another idea that held me back from blogging is the fact that there is so much information on the WWW. It is the world wide web after all, not the city wide web or the neighborhood wide web. There is a lot of stuff out there: news outlets; slick websites; kick-butt blogs; social networks and weather reports. Add to that multiple languages and all of the country code and generic TLDs. I had this cockamamie idea that since there is so much out there on the web already, why should I contribute to the glut of content? Why should I bother people and web crawlers with what I have to say?

Eventually, I realized that the only person for whom I need to blog is myself.

Part of my realization involves three books that I read a couple of summers ago. I appreciate the authors of those books very much. But celebrating those writers is a story for future blog posts. For now, there are various conversations to which I would like to contribute at some point. When I do, I want to be ready to best of my abilities. So, I shall blog.

I only just now checked today’s blog prompt on The Daily Post. The prompt, titled Beyond the Pale, is the following:

“When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?”

The post that I am writing at this moment is in the spirit of the prompt. The main difference is that I am in the midst of doing something out of my element. I’ll have to revisit the Beyond the Pale prompt on the first of January 2015. Good golly. Now I really do have to stick with this. Oy.