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Rocky My Mamma!

Photograph of the Winter Garden Theatre
‘Rocky’ the musical at the Winter Garden Theatre, 11 January 2014.

Just today, while walking down Broadway, I was surprised to discover that the longtime, hit musical,
Mamma Mia, is no longer at the Winter Garden Theatre. When did that happen? It had been there for years and now I find out that it took up residence at the Broadhurst Theatre down on West 44th Street.

My surprise was actually two surprises one on top of the other. The first was that something was drastically different at the front of the Winter Garden. Over the years, I had grown accustomed to the jaunty Mamma Mia sign that was above the marquee. But there was no trace of Mamma anywhere. What surprised me even more was that the show that took its place at the Winter Garden is the brand new musical –– Rocky.

The new show hasn’t started yet. Previews begin this February 11.

That’s all. Just wanted to let you know about one of the new facets of the Great White Way. I wonder what will be the next big shocking change on my walks about town.


One more thing. I was just exploring the Mamma Mia website and checked out the Sing-Along section. I you have a few minutes and you need a pick-me-up (and you like musicals), check out the videos.