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Offering and Changing

I am grateful for the opportunity to publish whatever I want on this blog and share it with the world. An interesting thing about sharing with the world is that inevitably the world shares back. When that happens, perspectives get shared.

Keep in mind, sharing requires at least two people. For example, if person A shares her assistance to person B, then person B has the opportunity to make a choice. Person B could choose to accept or refuse the assistance from Person A. While an opportunity to choose is powerful, the mere offer of a new perspective causes change. Step one: something is offered. Step two: the offer is accepted or rejected. Step three: a choice is made. Right now, I am interested in step one.

That said, a fellow blogger — ilovepainting80 in India — started a change in me through one of her posts titled Shame. It is a brief post about a news article reporting how a female law intern accused her boss of sexual harassment. This is all in light of a number of the gang rapes in India that achieved worldwide news coverage recently and one the past year.

This is pie in the sky thinking here, but I wonder, if it hasn’t been started already, could the blogging community start something to help end the rapes? What does it take to shift the culture of the second most populous country in the world? How many different facets would have to be utilized to get the change started?