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Blogging Status Check

This blog is becoming more and more challenging. There is only so much show-and-tell that I can (let alone want) to produce here. It takes time to write a post that is thoughtful and worth reading. And writing posts that are mere drafts just seems untidy. For the times when I don’t have a sufficient amount of time or a good enough topic, I could write a short and sweet piece within a set structure.

The Daily Post via WordPress.com is grand. I enjoy the global community that it helps foster. But many of the daily prompts get personal, which is the point, of course. It’s just that I don’t want to share so many personal bits of myself in this format. Some bloggers let it all hang out — a lot. For some bloggers, that can be empowering and even healing depending upon the topic and need to write. Such blogs have passion and a purpose. But this blog isn’t about such catharsis.

So then. I shall figure out a structure for short and sweet posts starting tomorrow. What will work? What won’t?