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Koons Trumps van Gogh?

I had a brief conversation about art today. I had this conversation with a person who is only interested in (if I recall correctly) about the best contemporary art of today, and that’s it. From what this person said to me, no old art is worth revisiting; this includes the works of van Gogh to which I referred.

Unfortunately, we only had a short time to speak due to an appointment that I had to rush off to. But in that short talk, I learned that this person’s favorite artist is Jeff Koons.

Jeff Koons is not van Gogh. And their work has nothing whatsoever to do with each other – at all.

I never thought that I would write anything about Jeff Koons beyond a research paper for an art history class back in my undergraduate days. His work has never inspired me because it is not moving. However, it has garnered global attention (global attention within the art world, that is) and lots and lots and lots of money. Maybe he is really an artist at making people pay obscene amounts of money for his art works.

Back in November 2013, Koons’ giant, stainless steel sculpture Balloon Dog modeled after a folded balloon dog (the kind magicians and clowns sometimes make for the kiddy parties) but super sized to ten feet tall. It sold at an auction for $58 million. According to an Independent article, it is “the highest sum ever paid for a living artist.”

I was baffled that this person with whom I was speaking holds Jeff Koons’ work in such high regard. It confuses me. Wait. Maybe I misunderstood this person. Now I’ll have to seek out this Koon’s admirer and get clarification. After I do, then I’ll post an update.