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Blogging is the Real Thing

I really need to explore this idea further, but I’ll start it off with this bit of writing first.

All students from middle school through college should have their own blog. All teachers and school administrators should blog. Blogging should be as common in all educational institutions as paper and pencil, computer screens, black boards, white boards, lunch and recess.

The only way to understand blogging is to blog. The act of publishing a post about something trivial or profound involves the same process: choosing an idea to share; composing; editing and publishing. The real fun begins post posting. Eventually, people will begin to interact with the blog posts. And in response, more posts are made.

Blogging is the richest form of social networking. For anyone who does not blog and would like to better understanding the cultures of the social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and others networks, then