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EarthCam a is a fantastic source of live feeds from a network of remote video cameras around the world. The company does a lot more than just provide live video feeds all day. But it’s fun checking out the some of the cameras.

Here is the Times Square Cam page. There are seven different video cameras from which to choose. Each camera is trained on different areas of Times Square.

So, if you need to check the weather in Istanbul or Paris or right here in Times Square, NYC, just head on over to EarthCam and pick your camera.

“Call Me Trim Tab”

I thought I’d share a few bits about R. Buckminster Fuller. Do you know who he was? Are you familiar with what he did? Click his name in the first sentence to check the Wikipedia article about him.

Visit the Buckminster Fuller Institute online at BFI.org.

Check out what why “Call me Trim Tab” is on the headstone at his grave. If you know about boats and planes, you’ll have an inkling.

And finally, here’s a brief video about Fuller’s invention the Dymaxion House. There are many more videos, even full length programs available on YouTube. (Thanks to airboyd.tv for posting this video on their YouTube channel.)