Daily Prompt for Pound of Coffee

Photo of McNulty's Tea and Coffee Co.

Storefront of McNulty’s Tea and Coffee on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village, NYC. ©2014 David Altman

The Daily Prompt from The Daily Post
Today’s Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy by Michelle W.
“What does “happiness” look like to you?
Photographers, artists, poets: show us HAPPY.”

HAPPINESS looks like McNulty’s Tea and Coffee shop in the heart of Greenwich Village.
HAPPINESS looks like an old,  authentic New York store that has been around since 1895.
HAPPINESS looks like the cohesive layout of the store when I step inside.
And HAPPINESS looks like the gesture of the proprietors welcoming me to their establishment.

“How can I help you?”
“Is there anything particular you are looking for?”
“What can we get for you?”

The image of happiness that is conjured up when I think about McNulty’s is multifaceted. Details. Down. Wood floor. Slats. Worn and wrinkled. West wall. Shelves. Shelves of containers holding rare teas. Glass containers. Good teas. Great teas. Tin and paper boxes of well-known brands from different countries. Scales. Metal. How many pounds of tea have those scales weighed over one hundred plus years? East wall. Behind the counter. Bins of beans. Canisters. Scoops and scales. Grinders and bags.

Now how can I explain what the happiness of the fragrant, roasted coffee beans looks like?