Sculpture: No. 9

“No. 9” is a sculpture that I created in 1989 for my Senior Project at The Columbus Academy, my high school alma mater. Originally, “No. 9″ was made with nine eight foot by eight inch units of 1/8” mild steel. Each unit was bolted onto a base of mild steel, pressure treated wood and three columns of Anderson Concrete. The sculpture was designed so that it could be taken apart and reassembled like a giant Erector Set. The original version of “No. 9” was eighteen feet long and eight feet high. This project would not have happened without the support from my teachers David Block and Cindy Wilson at CA. “No. 9” was fabricated with the guidance of Ken Valimaki at Fort Hayes High School.

Theater Masks

Commedia dell’ Arte Masks

I made all three of these Commedia dell’ Arte masks for an acting class that I lead at The Ohio State University. The acting students worked on scenes from Moliére’s Les Fourberies de Scapin under my direction. The Pantalone and Zanni masks are my designs. The Grande Zanni mask is based on a design by Antonio Fava.

Nontraditional Neutral Mask

This neutral mask was designed for a 2012 play produced and performed by the One-Eighth Theater Company based in NYC. The open-air/slotted design of this mask permits the actor to speak directly through the mask without muffling the voice.