SpongBob MailPants at 42nd and Sixth

Photograph of a mailbox dressed to look like SpongBob MailPants.
A United States Postal Service mailbox dressed up as SongeBob MailPants. Northeast corner of Sixth Avenue and 42nd Street, New York City. (Photo by David Altman)


Scott Berkun

I am a fan of Scott Berkun. He is an author who writes about “creativity, leadership, philosophy and speaking.” Check out his blog on his website where you can learn more about the books he has written plus a lot more.

I first encountered Berkun’s work a couple of summers ago. I was looking for some books that explored how individual people and societies are being affected by the Internet, WWW, portable digital devices and social networks. With respect to the digital tools, I was curious about where we are, how we got here and where we are headed. To put it another way, I was wondering who was picking up from where McLuhan left off. I discovered four new books on my search.

The first book that I read was Berkun’s The Myths of Innovation. If anyone enjoyed reading the biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson and was fascinated by the history of the technology as well as Jobs, then The Myths of Innovation is a must read.

The above video is of Berkun speaking at Ignite Seattle, 7 December 2010. He provides commentary as the audience watches a time-lapse video of Berkun’s computer screen while he writes 1000 words. The video is in his blog post titled How to Write 1000 Words.